PageDrill - keyword search statistics for individual pages of your site

PageDrill Keyword Statistics Script

  • PageDrill is a PHP/mySQL script which extracts and logs keyword phrases from Google, Yahoo and MSN search engine referrals.
  • Keyword phrases are logged in a MySQL database with the respective web page, date and search engine.
  • Multiple keyword statistics can be viewed by querying specific web pages, keywords, date ranges or search engines.
  • All keyword data for your query will be retrieved and displayed.
  • View keyword phrase referral statistics from particular web pages, search engines or any period of time.
  • Use the Pagedrill script to see which web pages are performing for particular keyword phrases.
  • The Pagedrill keyword phrase statistics can be used to optimize your individual website pages for increased search traffic.
  • PageDrill is a powerful script for SEO of your site. Learn More

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